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There are lots of inspirational women that come across our histories. They gave up their lives and devoted themselves to fight for other women in the world. They gave up their careers, their children, their own freedom just to give other women a fighting chance.

However, today, I am going to complain that women now, have lost that fight. It may seem that we have equal rights but we barely do. 

I'm not saying every woman has turned away from the fight, because there has to be some women that actually believe there is a fight still worth the effort. But what I am saying- or more complaining about- is that the young women in recent generations doesn't seem bothered any more. It seems they think the fights have been won. 

They can parade their bodies on face book, or speak their incoherent minds on twitter but for what? For men to laugh in their faces? for other women to judge them? For them to make women look like the fools we still often get called?

And speaking of face book, I hate the fact that people have actually made groups calling us wenches, and how we should get back in the kitchen. It's not right. It is also not right that women in the past have gave their lives to make both sexes equal, for nothing.

I just wish women now could make a little effort to show some dignity. I also wish that I did it myself a little more often than I do. 


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3rd Nov, 2012 17:57 (UTC)
Some guys will always live in the 1800's philosophy it seems where they think women just be the care givers and providers. Women have made so much strides though in the past few decades. There are so many powerful figures that are females now. I actually wouldn't mind seeing some mixture in sports between men and women. Some women can play better than guys!
6th Nov, 2012 15:42 (UTC)
You know, you're not the only one that wishes both sexes play in the same sport, it would be great! and it would also cancel out a bit of sexism, hell there would be a lot of it beforehand but think of the outcome! especially if girls actually helped win, it would be awesome!
7th Nov, 2012 02:25 (UTC)
It would be interesting. Don't think it'll ever happen, but it would be interesting to see.
27th Nov, 2012 11:20 (UTC)
Really would be a sight
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