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The beast...

To love a Beast, is t love a god. A Beast may be violent and a murderer, bu isn't he god of the heavens as well?
The Beast I love is a Beast of hell.
Th Beast I love kills for fun, but it is a Beast that represents beauty in a deathly way.
With eyes of grey and fur of the darkest night wit tints of silver like the moons shadow, this Beast I describe, is th Beast I love, and will wait for.
His paws are as big as a might bears, with ears that stand at the top of his skull to listen to me fangs as sharp as a blade that could easily cut through my bones lik butter.
His fur as soft as a rose’s petal, but as sharp as shark’s skin, and warmth that hugs me close, to his body.
Thi Beast I love, and will wait for.

I woke up one night and had the sudden urge to write this

What do you wait for?



Isn't it hard, when you break up with someone, and for all the right reasons, yet you still want them. Its even harder when you have to see their face everyday at college

Wake up, go college, see him, finish college then brood in bedroom. This is my weekly routine. Until the weekend comes along, and I have no reason to think about him, and I am happy, because I'm not think about what could be or could have been. I'm free of him

How ever, Monday always has to come along, as so does he

Now my life goal is....get through college!

Only 4 more months, but golly I want them to hurry up and come

Relationships sucks


Growing up

I'd like to think that I had an epiphany the other day. 

The other day, as a drama student, me and my college friends were messing around and I'll admit that we were being a little loud. However, I am allowed to be immature because I am only 17! Once I turn about 20 or whatever, that's when I'll grow up and become 'sensible'.

Anyway, our lecturer had a proper go at us for being so immature and that we needed to grow up because we were off to uni soon, and I was thinking to myself, that's it. Adults get kids to grow up too soon! They don't let us live our lives!! They practically force us to become adults, and then my epiphany happened.

I saw young girls getting pregnant, young boys dropping out of school to get a job, drugs and alcohols, criminal records! Adults aren't letting us live our lives, and so were sucked in this whole stressful pressured life which is crap! 

We really are growing up too fast! And it kindah sucks.


There are lots of inspirational women that come across our histories. They gave up their lives and devoted themselves to fight for other women in the world. They gave up their careers, their children, their own freedom just to give other women a fighting chance.

However, today, I am going to complain that women now, have lost that fight. It may seem that we have equal rights but we barely do. 

I'm not saying every woman has turned away from the fight, because there has to be some women that actually believe there is a fight still worth the effort. But what I am saying- or more complaining about- is that the young women in recent generations doesn't seem bothered any more. It seems they think the fights have been won. 

They can parade their bodies on face book, or speak their incoherent minds on twitter but for what? For men to laugh in their faces? for other women to judge them? For them to make women look like the fools we still often get called?

And speaking of face book, I hate the fact that people have actually made groups calling us wenches, and how we should get back in the kitchen. It's not right. It is also not right that women in the past have gave their lives to make both sexes equal, for nothing.

I just wish women now could make a little effort to show some dignity. I also wish that I did it myself a little more often than I do. 


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